Game talks being underrated, Eazy-E, getting shot 5 times, RED Album Exclusive in-depth interview with Game. In part 1 Game talks to Nick Huff Barili about the first time Game meet his childhold idol Eazy-E, which ironically was on the set of Real Compton City G’s which was a diss to Dr Dre, whom he latter signed to. Game also responds to Pharrell’s statement calling him the most underrated rapper and gives some insight into what it was like to wake up from being shot 5 times. At the end of part one Game begins to speak on the RED album. Part 2, which will be up Friday, will go into much more depth about it. Make sure to subscribe to for our latest videos, including part 2 of our interview with Game. You can also follow us at and @Hardknocktv @NickHuff on twitter.



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