Eric Koston talks Lil Wayne, Tyler the Creator, Earl, Tribe Called Quest, New Shoe + More

Eric Koston talks to Nick Huff Barili at the launch event for his new shoe the Eric Koston 2. Koston takes a break for all the skateboarding talk to share his thoughts on Hip Hop which has been a big influence in his life. Nick asks Eric what he thinks of popular Hip Hop artists like Lil Wayne and Wiz Khalifa getting more involved in Skateboarding and how he thinks it affects Skateboarding culture. Eric is amazed at how far Skateboarding has come and how now it is so frequently referenced by Hip Hop artists these days. Koston also shares that he has skated with Odd Future members Tyler the Creator and Earl but that he has yet to skate with Lil Wayne. Though Wayne frequents The Berrics (Koston's skatepark) , Koston says that it is usually late night and that he doesn't join Wayne because he is already home sleeping. Koston shares his soundtrack to skateboarding which is whatever comes up on his itunes shuffle and includes current music like Asap Rocky but also classics the inspired Koston early on like Public Enemy, Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul and N.W.A. Last but not least Eric talks about the release of his new shoe and what his favorite color way is. His choice would make Cam'ron proud!


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