Elzhi talks Ice Cube, Proof, Eminem, Hip Hop Shop, + More

Exclusive in-depth interview. In part 1, Elzhi talks about how Ice Cube was the first rapper to make him want to rap and his early solo albums America's Most Wanted, Kill At Will and Death Certificate are some of Elzhi's favorite albums. Elzhi talks about being a student of the game studying Mc's like Rakim growing up and states that the first MC that he broke down and analyzed was Lord Finesse. As the interview progresses Elzhi shares memories from the first day he visited Detroit's legendary Hip Hop shop. He says when he walked in Obie Trice was on the mic, Mobb Deep was playing, the atmosphere felt like it was the essence of Hip Hop and he knew at that moment that he was exactly where he had to be. The Hip Hop Shop was were he became friends with Proof (RIP) who was the host of Hip Hop shop at the time and recognized young Elzhi's talents. Elzhi recalls one day Proof called him on three way with Eminem on other line and had Slim Shady spit a rhyme for him, that was the first time he met Em and found out he was white. Elzhi says that he used to kick it with Em but that they haven't worked on track together and that he hasn't talked to Em in a few years. Elzhi remembers telling Eminem a while back that he should work with Royce da 5'9″ but that Em at the time thought that their styles were too similar. Royce and Em went on to work together later and Em has since signed Slaughterhouse to his label Shady Records. Nick recalls that last time he interviewed them Royce, Joe Budden and Crooked I said that Elzhi was the most slept-ed on MC. Part 1 of the interview ends with Elzhi sharing his reaction to that.

We are just getting started, stay tuned on Friday for part two of our conversation with Elzhi exclusively at www.hardknock.tv


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