E-40 talks Too Short, Independent Hustle, Rich vs Wealthy, New Album

http://www.hardknock.tv Hard Knock Tv’s Nick Huff Barili sat down with the ambassador of the Bay: E-40. The interview starts out with E-40 speaking on longevity and giving advice to all the MC Fly By Nights to remain HUNGRY and HUMBLE! After a snippet of 40water performing Yay Area Nick ask 40 if he thinks the Bay Area including Too-Short, Hieroglyphics, Living Legends and himself get their due props from laying down the blueprint for moving units independently. You are gonna have to peep the video for the answer to that!

From there E-40 mentions that he has a collaboration album coming with Too Short coming out this year titled The History Channel. Growing up listening to 40 one of the lines that stood out was “Sometimes it’s cool to floss But don’t buy an eighty-five thousand dollar car Before you buy a house” from Rapper’s Ball. 40 talks about the difference between being rich and wealthy and that from a young age his mentors told him to get himself a piece of the earth! Some soil, even if it was just a fixer upper. (Yup cause I’m tired of being a renter all my life!). 40 drops some more knowledge saying “The biggest chances you can take is not taking chances at all, so you have to stay rolling the dice.” (He means that metaphorically not literally lol didn’t you watch the TLC Waterfalls video!)

Before we let 40 go we had to ask him about one of the stand out tracks from his new album Revenue Retrievin’ Overtime Shift called Fuck Em, where he talks about Set Trippin Ass DJ’s, Radio Programmers, Janky Promoters, etc. Among other things he said that he is a story teller and that its not just about lyrics and punch lines and if yall don’t know its not cause he is rapping too fast, it is cause yall squares a listening to slow!

Interview contains snippets from “Bitch”, “Yay Area”, Candy, Sprinkle Me and Fuck Em.

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