DJ Ravin’s “Siddhartha, Spirit of Buddha – Bar, Vol. 6”

So, this isn’t our usual Friday album review but it’s a damn good album nonetheless. In case you’re not caught up on DJ Ravin, this is the 6th of his infamous Buddha Bar series and most likely the best. Incorporating elements of club music with traditional trance and world music is his niche, and this time he’s truly outdone himself. The Paris-based DJ shows us that there’s always room to be innovative, even if it means bringing a little spirituality to the club. Showcasing the international sounds of 18 different artists, Ravin polishes “Siddhartha, Spirit of Buddha – Bar, Vol. 6” off with a novel tune for every occasion; “Day Dream” for your morning meditation, “Everything You Need” for some afternoon lovin’, and “Fringe” to complement the martini you’re about to put down and the dance floor you’re about to break it down on. To put it more bluntly, this is some next level shit. And that’s without a doubt. Download the album here, press play, and let DJ Ravin guide you through world music like you’ve never heard it before. ‘Til next time people, Namaste..




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