DJ Khaled talks Big Pun, Drake, Fat Joe, I’m on One + More While on the set of It Ain’t Over Till Its Over Nick Huff Barili caught up with DJ Khaled to talk about Big Pun memories, Fat Joe losing weight, the making of I’m On One and more. Make sure to subscribe to for our latest videos. You can also follow us at and @hardknocktv on twitter.



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  1. July 25

    […] HardknockTV caught up with Khaled and talked about his memories with Fat Joe & Big Pun. Most people don’t recall that Khaled was and still is a big part of Terror Squad. Don’t get it twisted. Kahled is still hood. We The Best Forever is available now. […]

  2. July 25

    […] Khaled recently chopped it up with Hard Knock TV about his favorite Big Pun and Fat Joe memories as a member of Terror Squad. During the interview, […]

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