Dizzy Wright talks Kendrick Lamar’s Control Verse, The Golden Age, Studying the Greats

In part 2 Dizzy tell Nick Huff Barili that “In the beginning I felt like nobody was listening to my Hip Hop shit…I was putting everything on Myspace and it just wasn’t getting the feedback that I wanted it to get.” Dizzy says that people were asking him to “make that Turnt Up Shit” but when he went on the road he realized “that stuff only goes so far.” After spiting a verse from one of his new tracks “World Peace” Dizzy explains why he chose to call his new mixtape The Golden Age. “To make a great album you have to know what a great album sounds like…So I just kind of studied my greats…[Now] it got to the cornier side of Hip Hop…I just didn’t want to be a part of that.” After breaking down which greats he has studied Dizzy goes on to explain the inspiration for his album cover. Before part 2 ends Dizzy says that he feels how Kendrick Lamar feels on his verse for Big Sean’s “Control” track. “Im coming for everybody’s spot even Kendrick’s spot but the music is supposed to do the most talking. Not the verse that you throw on the same beat he threw his verse on…not the response or the diss…[but] the actual music. You as an artists have to step it up…The Kendricks, The J Coles, The Hopsins, The Kanyes have already made me want to step my game up.” On the part where Kendrick is talking about New York Dizzy states “He is definitely quoting Kurupt…all these New York rappers thats arguing with each other and doing their verses and upset about it are going to be salty about it when they realize he didn’t mean it like that.”

We are just getting started with our conversation with Dizzy. Stay tuned next week for part 3 of our conversation with Dizzy.

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