Dizzy Wright talks Having Daughter, Turning down Def Jam, Tech N9ne, Name Change, Bone Thugs

In the final part [4] of our interview Dizzy tells Nick Huff Barili how having a daughter lead him to change his name from Dizzy D Flashy to Dizzy Wright. “I come from a dysfunctional family so my daughter was like the piece that kinda held me together. I was kinda losing sight of my direction just because Vegas has so much quick money to offer that its easy to get caught up in the life and just want something at a faster pace that you are supposed to have it at…my daughter definitely took me away from all the nonsense and made me focus on my direction.” As the interview continues Dizzy talks about why he turned down demo deal with Def Jam “Def Jam wasn’t looking at me as an artists, they were looking for an artist they could create. They were looking for somebody that they could pretty much give the music to and they could just push the face.” Dizzy goes on to talk about being on Funk Volume and what he has learned about the independent hustle. As we switch topics, Dizzy describes what it was like to go to 6 different schools during his junior year in High School cause his Mom moved around a lot. When his senior year rolled around his “Credits were fucked up.” But Dizzy states that “It was kinda of a blessing in disguise because I became real detached from…hanging with the homies and smoking and drinking, I wasn’t doing none of that at the time, I was just like I don’t want to be like these other niggas, I need to graduate period.” Nick referenced a twitter quote from Dizzy which reminded him of something Tupac would say: “Speaking to the Ladies but motivating the Kings.” Dizzy not only explains the quote but says it is his main inspiration to making his new mixtape “The Golden Age”. Before we let him go, Dizzy talks about future projects including the Second Agreement EP, his second album, Bone Thugs and Tech N9ne.



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