DIEMON Crew’s John Anthony Presents JXHN

Maybe it’s because I’m a fresh resident to the West Coast, but I’m starting to realize my newfound tendency to write about artists from my Atlanta hometown. It’s not on purpose, honestly, but somehow I seem more drawn to Southern Hip Hop now that I’m not in the actual context of it. I mean, let’s be real; where else are you going to find an album whose first track is entitled “ratchet morning” – no caps or nothin’? There’s just something about that Southern drawl that’s so irresistibly grimy that it takes on an addictive quality in itself. Whether it’s a withdrawal from the Dirty that I’m encountering or a mere Southern satisfaction, DIEMON Crew’s John Anthony has satisfied my fix. His most recent project, JXHN, is one that spans personas and satiates all personalities alike; the product can be your beloved slo-mo syrup sippin’, blunt rollin’, Cadillac bumpin’ Dirty South work of art, but the nine-tracked assemblage digs deeper than just that. Produced by fellow DIEMON crew member Russ (the absent members on the product being rappers Bugus and Dartlin), JXHN showcases John Anthony’s way with words and worldliness (look out for the pleasingly unconventional Spanish guitar in “shepherds”). So, although I can no longer walk into a gas station that hangs their hair weaves above the cooler of Colt 45, I bump JXHN to have a little piece of home with me whenever I please. John Anthony justifies the South in a way that it has been waiting for; For those of you who don’t know or have never been, do yourself a favor and familiarize through the sound. Your ratchet mornings will never be the same.

Download the album here.



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  1. September 22

    […] up on our ATL homie, John Anthony, from last week’s post, we find ourselves with his accomplice duo, Bugus and RUSS. Together, the three are known as DIEMON […]

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