De La Soul talks Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Joey Badass, Staying together, Paid Dues

Exclusive in-depth interview with De La Soul at Paid Dues. Part 2 starts with De La sharing their thoughts on what has kept them together as a group after all these years. As the conversation progress De La speaks on the new generation of MC's. Pos points out that although he likes certain songs from Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Joey Badass, etc and he appreciates bits and pieces from them but
he doesn't think that there is one album that is setting the bar. Maseo points out that Hip Hop just turned 39 years old. When it first started most people outside the culture thought it was a fad and wouldn't be around for too long. “We are in our episode of the 80's with disco and r&b…but we are coming out of that.” “It became big business.” Dave adds that its about having a balance. We need more platforms like Paid Dues that allow artists like Jean Grae, Tech Nine, Scarface, etc a chance to be seen more than just whats on MTV, Billboard Charts or who is number one on Itunes. “Never forget that there is another side to what is going on than up there on the charts.”

We still have more to come with De La Soul! Stay tuned on Wednesday for part three of our conversation with De La Soul exclusively at


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