Crown Royale (Buff1 + DJ Rhettmatic) on New Album, Detroit Hip Hop, Radio

HardKnock.TV takes you Behind the Scenes into the Beat Junkies studio while Rhettmatic and Buff1 work on their new collaborative album; self titled “Crown Royale”. Buff and Rhett start off by explaining how House Shoes, Jackson Perry and Haircut (Aka Mayer Hawthorne) played an integral role in the creation of Crown Royale the group. As the interview continues Buff says that growing up in Ann Arbor, Michigan is very different than growing up in Detroit and gives him and Athletic Mic League (his original group) the freedom to craft their music and lyrics without feeling the need to talk about gunplay, what is going on in the streets, etc. Buff continues by saying that Detroit music is a huge influence on what he does and that he learned from Dilla, Slum Village, Proof, D12 and Eminem. Buff concludes the interview by breaking down the meaning behind his classic track “Beat the Speakers up”. Buff speaks about how radio programming is brain washing us and how when one hears a song six to seven times a day you can’t help but start to know the lyrics. He admits that the underground has a lot of garbage too but that he wishes mainstream radio would have more balance in what type of artists it plays. Regardless of mainstream play or not Crown Royale will be heard! Album drops December 7th. Interview by Mark Anthony Jenkins and Nick Huff Barili. Ps. Can you name the rapper that is featured in the snippet during the opening drop?

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