Common remembers J Dilla, calls him greatest producer ever

Common shares his memories of James Dewitt Yancey aka J Dilla aka Jay Dee. Common tells Nick Huff of Hard Knock TV that J Dilla is his, Pharrell’s, Kanye’s and Questloves favorite producer. Common also talks about how Dilla and himself worked on Like Water For Chocolate almost 10 years ago and how he thinks Music would be different if Jay Dee was still alive. “I never seen a producer sit there and have so much revere for music and so much respect for it. I’ve seen everybody from Pharrell to Kanye, to Questlove … and I’m like, ‘Man, that’s my favorite producer.’ I think music would be in a different place if he was here. He provided so much inspiration.” “He made sounds that would be anything from the rawest of hip-hop to something like sounds Pink Floyd mixed with some Radiohead, and he would play some of the instruments.” RIP James Dewitt Yancey aka J Dilla aka Jay Dee (February 7, 1974 February 10, 2006) RIP Titus Glover aka Baatin (March 8, 1974July 31, 2009)

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