Our first J Cole interivew/ with commentary (Nov, 8th 2009)

To commemorate @JColeNC releasing his debut album #COLEWORLD today, we are going to blast out all three 3 interviews we did with him over the last 2 years.

This interview took place almost two years ago when J Cole opened up for Jay-Z at UCLA, which to my knowledge was Jermaine first performance in LA. Cole had just released his second mixtape “The Warm Up” a couple months before and that along with “The Come Up” (his first mixtape) were the only things I was bumping on a regular at the time.

I remember as I got to UCLA I met with his manager Mike, who told me Cole was getting ready to hit the stage and asked if I would mind doing the interview after his performance. I was in no rush and told him that it would be dope to film some of his performance. Security was doing the most that night and told Mike, who tried to walk me in with him, that if I didn’t have a pass I couldn’t go backstage.

But that didn’t stop us. Mike went back to the tour bus and asked Ibrahim, Cole’s dj at the time, for his backstage pass. Before you knew it I was on stage with Cole and Ibrahim rocking for Pauley Pavilion that was just beginning to fill in. Being the first opening act before, Wale, Nerd and Jay-Z, means you perform to more empty seats than not. But One thing I remember is that even with just a dj on stage and the crowd not knowing who he was, Cole rocked it like it was packed.

After the show we headed to his tour bus so I could set up the video equipment for the interview. I have been around many rappers, entourages, label people, etc in my decade + in the music industry and one can tell a lot about artists by the people they choose to have around them. Before I even got to sit down with Cole I could tell by Mike and Ibrahim that he had good people around him.

Below are the videos for part 1 and 2 of my first interview with Cole. Interesting to note that almost 2 years ago he thought he was pretty much done with album and back then most of the production was going to come form No I.D.

After the interview Mike and I stood outside the tour bus and we talked about Hard Knock documenting the progression of Cole career. Well three interviews later, here we are #COLEWORLD in stores today!


J Cole shares his thoughts on Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel situation, being compared to Drake and what impact mixtapes have in an artists career.

J Cole on his new album being almost done and how he has worked mainly with No I.D. He also shares his thoughts on Kanye West, if we can expect production from him on the new album and talks about his favorite debut albums.

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