Childish Gambino’s “R O Y A L T Y” Reigns Above The Rest

We were happy to hear some new material from quadruple threat comedian/ writer/ actor/ rapper Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino. Entitled “R O Y A L T Y“, his new mixtape holds true to its name as it notably reigns above his preexisting anthology. Glover steps to the mic boasting a new brawn that leaves no one, not even the Hip Hop world, laughing! It is this point he stresses throughout, not only literally in his lyricism but even more bluntly so in his delivery. In utilizing this statement as a springboard, Glover sprinkles the mixtape with angrily witty humor and a conscious genre-hopping track list to further his message. “R O Y A L T Y” is living proof that he can tackle any field and seamlessly identify with his audience in doing so.

Anyone who has listened to “R O Y A L T Y” has most likely picked up on a few pivotal accessories to the overall composition. For one, Glover manages to bring along an abstract array of featured artists from Beck to Danny Brown to RZA to Tina Fey (yes, that Tina Fey). He harnesses the figureheads in all arenas, including Texas OG Bun B of UGK on spacey dance track “R.I.P.” Furthermore, Glover jumps at any opportunity to represent for his hometown of Stone Mountain, Georgia, which reflects in the Dirty South energy exuded by the mixtape. While some songs such as “One Up (feat. Steve G. Lover)” and “Unnecessary (feat. Schoolboy Q. and Ab-Soul” sound like borderline trap music and others like “Make it Go Right (feat. Kilo Kish)”, stoner ambient music, it seems as if “Royalty” was just the “Real Estate” our favorite hipster comedian/ writer/ actor/ rapper Childish Gambino was aiming for. Tina Fey’s concluding verse on “Real Estate” (“…my president is black and my Prius is blue”) puts the crown atop the imperial mixtape that is “R O Y A L T Y” and leaves us now anticipating what is to come on his upcoming tour.

Stand out tracks:

“American Royalty (feat. RZA and Hypnotic Brass Orchestra)”

“It May Be Glamour Life (feat. Ghostface Killah)(prod. by Myke Murda)” 

“Real Estate (feat. Alley Boy, Swank, Tina Fey)”

“Silk Pillow (feat. Beck)(prod. by Beck and Childish Gambino)”

Download “R O Y A L T Y”  here



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