Beatbox freestyle by KRNFX (Hip Hop + Dubstep)

Exclusive Beatbox freestyle by KRNFX. Terry Im aka KRNFX is the first ever, undefeated and current Canadian Beatbox Champion. You might have seen him in Beatbox battle competitions, Microsoft commercial, Canada's Got Talent or on The Ellen Show with Mike Song, among others. Some say he is the best Beatboxer in the World. You be the judge.

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1 Response

  1. Chris says:

    This man is a mastermind. I have always wondered if a beatbox person could just make a song on a track and have it so there is no music equipment what so ever. Do you think we would be able to tell the difference of it came from their lips or if it came from a computer setup.. I’ve always wondered. I beat box at work and think I’m good but my boss gets pissed haha. I can’t even comprehend how good this dude is at the dubstep parts.. If I was that guy I would be rich! Cool share.