Azealia Banks Calls All Mermaids…to Hollywood

There was no way to accidentally pass The Fonda Theatre on Hollywood Blvd early Saturday evening, without notice of the fact that a dance party was about to GET DOWN. Shiny sea creatures (also known as Azealia Banks devotees) entered in to the feeling of an underground scene a ’90s party crew put together, thanks to DJ Cosmoand the flavoring of Nike platform sneakers (fire). Upon entrance, Banks hooked her fans up to a Fantasea of popcorn and cotton candy makers at your service. It was wonderfully entertaining being able to witness vogueing, crip-walking, and harlem shaking all at one place; like a lighthearted celebration of music mashup.  The night flowed with highlights from opening acts Maluca Mala, Rye Rye, and surprise guest, Robyn Carlsson.

Finally, Azealia Banks! And the packed house goes bananas. Literally, bananas were flying. It was one big sing-a-long as she performed (EP) 1991‘s “Liquorice,” and (mixtape) Fantasea’s “Jumanji”, which is quite impressive since her mixtape has been out less than a week. She shut the house down with her classic single “212”  and a plethora of confetti. What a good night for energy. -Celeste (@cellyonthetelly)



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