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Wise Intelligent – Illuminati 0

Wise Intelligent – Illuminati

The face of the trio Poor Righteous Teachers, Wise Intelligent has been bringing the world revolutionary Hip Hop for two decades straight. This joint is off his latest album out now, The UnConkable Djezuz...

Big Boi “The Crown Life” (Trailer) 0

Big Boi “The Crown Life” (Trailer)

To celebrate Crown Royal Black’s partnership with Big Boi, a short documentary will be droppin next week highlighting his Grammy weekend, his studio life, and a night out on the town in Atlanta. —Campano

Gilbere Forte’ – Die For You (prod. Lex Luger) 0

Gilbere Forte’ – Die For You (prod. Lex Luger)

Not your typical Lex Luger beat but it’s dope, and Gilbere did what he always does on any instrumental. Off his Eyes of Veritas mixtape, a nice lyrical project for the true rap fans...