Alex Da Kid Helps Assemble Epic ‘Busker Band’ and Made In America Performance

DAY4_1065(From left to right: Alex Da Kid; X Ambassadors Lead Singer, Sam Harris; Philidelphia Busker, Marcus Love)

More so than any previous era, today’s musical landscape is seeing an overflow of collaborative and genre-overlapping projects. Whether the people responsible for making today’s eclectic songs simply got bored with staying in their respective lanes, or similarly, fans began to yawn at the sound of yet another traditional “genre track,” you can’t deny that the following struggle is so real: “I don’t even know how to label this song; it’s a mix of everything!”

Am I right, though?

And considering the growing crossover of musical styles, it is no wonder why the award-winning producer Alex Da Kid is being pushed into the limelight of success. Gaining notoriety for producing mega-hits like Nicki Minaj’s “Massive Attack,” B.O.B.’s “Airplanes,” and Eminem’s “Love the Way You Lie,” he’s established a track record for creating songs that pull influences from Hip-Hop, Rock, RnB, and more.

Recognizing this inclusive trend in music, Budweiser, the official sponsor of Made in America,  and Alex Da Kid unveiled the 2014 MADE for Music campaign. With the help of NOISEY, MADE for Music chronicled their quest to find unique street artists, or “buskers,” around the globe in a series of videos, viewable here.

Budweiser’s Sports and Entertainment Global Director, Camilo Durana, elaborated on why Alex’s wide-ranging music style made him a shoe-in for the project.

“Budweiser MADE Underground is centered around collaboration and mixing different genres together to highlight music as a truly universal language. We loved what Alex Da Kid was doing with Jamie and the X Ambassadors because it’s creative, it’s thinking outside the box, and he was the kind of person that we felt we could collaborate with too. MADE Underground brought together talented buskers from London, Philly, Rio de Janeiro and NYC with all different sounds and music styles and unique instruments and so we knew that we needed someone with a truly collaborative mind for the job of putting it all together to record a new version of “Jungle”, and Alex Da Kid is just that person.”

The featured underground performers came together as members of a “busker band,” recording a special version of the X Ambassadors’, summer anthem track “Jungle,” exclusively produced by Alex Da Kid for MADE Underground.

Later, the artists joined X Ambassadors and Jamie N Commons, both signed to Alex’s KIDinaKORNER Records, to perform the recreated track during their set at Made in America this past Saturday to join in celebrating music’s unique power and influence in bringing people together.


On the Made In America performance, Alex says, “The reactions have been great! I think people really gravitated towards the performance of “Jungle” at Budweiser Made In America. When you watch the final episodes of the MADE Underground series, you’ll see how the performance was truly influenced by the busking culture.” 

To see the MADE Underground episodes, head over to Also, tune back in at the end of the month to watch the episodes that take you behind scenes of the Budweiser Made In America performance.



Written By: Shannon Weprin