Album Review: Frank Ocean “channel ORANGE”

After much anticipation for the release date of Frank Ocean’s “Channel Orange” album, a “planned” early release date to avoid leakage was the most unexpected gift Frank has ever given to fans. With the “Nostalgia, ULTRA ” mix tape releasing over a year ago, Ocean has given us “channel Orange” which is just as out the box as predicted. Collaborations with artists Andre 3000, John Mayer and Earl Sweatshirt seemed like the perfect combination for Odd Future R&B singer Frank Ocean.

Frank Ocean’s cogitation of sumptuous lyrics on several tracks including “Bad Religion” which displayed the effort put into the album, and “Crack Rock’s” musical background sampling Jimi Hendrix’s “Little Miss Lover” is just metaphorically correct. Frankly, Ocean is the only R&B artist who can reference Dragon Ball Z’s “Majin Buu” on a track (Pink Matter ft. Andre 3000) and make it sound impeccable. Channel Orange is simply entertaining but yet so serious, not many artists can offer such a musical experience.

– LC (@_LinaCee)

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