50 Cent talks Relationship with Son, G-Unit, Friendships, Bullying, New Carton Series

In part 4 of the interview 50 Cent talks about how having his son impacted his career and how he tried to have the relationship with his son that he didn’t have with his own dad. “I do feel that kids are an opportunity to make a better version of yourself”. 50 doesn’t see his son going into rapping because his passion is for basketball and says that even when he was around the music his son was more interested in what went on in the production of the record and what Dr Dre and others would do in the studio. 50 goes on to say that although he has been successful in business and in music, “The part that I’ve lost consistently has been in my investment of friends and relationships.” 50 says that where he is from you are only as strong as your crew. 50 compares G-Unit to crews like Eminem’s D12 and Nelly’s St Lunatics and says that he made a point to make sure that everyone in the crew got their shine stating that you can name every member of G-Unit but probably can’t of D12 or St Lunatics. “[I got ] to the point were I was writing their music. Helping them with their albums….I think that there are certain things you do were you enable people and they feel like you are supposed to do that. This is how we do it versus they appreciate you actually doing it. So I made that mistake also.”

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