50 Cent talks Kendrick Lamar, Nas, Get Rich or Die Tryin, Lil Wayne clones + More

In part 2, 50 Cent talks about the 10 year anniversary of his major label debut album Get Rich or Die Tryin. When talking about success 50 states: “No matter how much you feel that you are prepared for something it never happens on your time…it always happens when its supposed to happen…The period when you feel ready and people are not acknowledging the material the way you feel that they should (because its good) is the time that you actually develop skin thick enough to survive when it does work….As a new artist you get people that hear it (your music) but don't know that it has a value to it… Because they don't see you the way they see the guy that everyone is embracing at the moment. I don't think artists should make adjustments. I think they should stay in the pocket that they are in and when they have a moment it really explodes because its different.” …”I've heard demo tapes from 10 different Lil Waynes that weren't Lil Wayne…Its hard for me to really embrace it cause you aint Lil Wayne. You want me to invest money in a copy??? Nah maaan! That shit aint gonna work.” …”A lot of times when the music allows people to offer their experience and is completely different, its exciting. Ive said I like Kendrick Lamar cause it so different…shit it might be the opposite of 50 Cent.” As the interview continues 50 talks about how the state of Hip Hop has evolved from when he put out Get Rick or Die Tryin to now with Kendrick releasing GKMC. 50 also talks about Nas calling him one of the greatest story tellers in Hip Hop and specifically talks about how Nas's song “I Gave You Power” where he is rapping from the perspective of a gun. Although 50 acknowledges that it had a strong impression on Hip Hop at the time, he thinks if the usage of that metaphor would have happened in an R&B song it would not have had as much of an impact because using metaphors like that is more common in R&B. 50 states that he sold 10 million copies of his second album with no assistance from “A Baltimore Love Thing” which was his favorite song. Its one of his favorite records because it has more depth than most songs but “Hey Ill take you to the Candy Shop!”

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