50 Cent talks Eminem, Rick Ross, Street King Immortal, Say Hip Hop is Pop Now

Hip hop superstar 50 Cent sits down with Nick Huff Barili as part of SXSW’s interview series to discuss his meteoric rise to fame from humble beginnings in Queens, to his incredibly successful musical career and hip hop empire, as well as his current work with SMS Headphones and the upcoming release of his album “Street King Immortal”. This hour long interview will be posted in separate parts. In part 1, 50 Cent talks about how he has time for all his projects including music, book writing, headphone line, boxing management company, acting, etc. 50 goes on to talk about Eminem and how he feels Em is not given enough credit for talking race out of Hip Hop by being as lyrical as he was. 50 states that Hip Hop is now Pop. Hip Hop is about telling your own story, not replicating someone else’s story. 50 says that he is not a fan of his younger cousins music because he hasn’t gone through the struggle and instead of telling his own story he tries to rap like 50. “Death is in the Tongue” says 50 if he puts that out in the universe its going to attract the negative energy back to him. “Shots go off and Rick Ross is like I don’t want to live this life!”

We have a lot more with 50! Tune in for part 2 of our conversation with 50 cent next week exclusively at www.hardknock.tv


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